Hello you,

I am a UX designer who codes

currently based in Germany

What I do

UI Design
I create aesthetically pleasing designs that are carefully crafted around the brand of the product.
UX Design
I create experiences that are functional, easy and enjoyable to use.
UX Research
I base my work on a continuous study of target users, what their needs and requirements are, how they use the product, what their pain points are.
Frontend Development
With clean code in mind, I develop websites from scratch using React Typescript.

My selected works

Kiwi, concludio & Fat Baby


Master Thesis, RWTH

A UI Design Patterns Library that aims to consolidate UI design knowledge for mobile applications. I was responsible for UX research, UX design, UI design and frontend development.

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Math Educational Startup

A digital tutor that enables solving a math exercise step by step in an online editor and provides immediate feedback for each step. I was responsible for UX strategy, UX & UI design and frontend development.

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Fat Baby

Korean Restaurant

An authentic Korean restaurant located in Aachen. I was responsible for designing menu boards, flyers, business cards, loyalty cards & merchandise.

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