Table of contents

About me

Who am I without my cats? 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈

The past

I started my career journey by pursuing computer engineering studies. Along the way, I experimented with game design 👾, graphic design 🎨, security 🔐, and cryptography 🗝️, until I found my vocation: designing user experiences.

The present

So far, I have been working in a UX team of one in small to medium-sized companies. That means I have enjoyed a variety of responsibilities on my shoulders. I am currently seeking a new opportunity in a larger company, to advance my career and bring my experience to a larger scale. I am open to any unpredictable and interesting journey.

The future

I am highly motivated by creating social impact. I envision myself continuously working towards sustainable development goals. In my previous experiences, we focused on SDG4 (Quality Education 📚) and SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth 👩🏻🔬). I am excited about the challenges that lie ahead.

The fun

I fancy meself some good fantasy 🔮, so be it through a book 📙, a movie 🍿, or a DnD campaign 🎲, I must have it. My favourites:

I enjoy cycling around and kung fu fighting.

Ah yes, I also like making Spotify playlists for all the DnD characters I have created. 🎧

The work

I have prepared three different case studies to showcase. You can choose to explore how I approach design in different contexts. These include:

  • following a rigorous user-centered design approach in academia with kiwi.
  • adopting a lean startup methodology with concludio.
  • designing a feature within an agile environment with Kiron.